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003: my most favourite christmas present

_DSC2523 copy

you know when you buy someone a present and you really love it for yourself and the 'perhaps i'll just keep it' thought creeps in well…  oops… i'm just joking! i'm not that mean, but close! after a summer of visiting friends and making memories to dusty records, alex fell for vinyl players. so for his birthday i spent forever trying to find the perfect one which i got off trusty amazon. however, whilst on the search i discovered the dream that is this crosley (for myself!) but, it was sold out on amazon and was a fraction of the urban outfitters price. after seeing this floral dream i fell for the charm of vinyl players and had to have one, and so the christmas list began. i ended up getting a really simple black one, off amazon that was super cheap until the cutie patootie that is the blue crosley gets back in stock. 
whilst everything is charming in a vinyl format my favourites to listen to have been jake bugg (the first album), the great gatsby soundtrack and nothing is more enchanting than the completely gorgeous alex turner singing 'you're so dark' on a 7''. i have a long list of records and songs that i'm currently coveting including sidney bechet's si tu vois ma mère (from woody allen's midnight in paris!) and billie holiday's i'll be seeing you (from the notebook, hi ryan). 

p.s, happy new year!

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lots of love,


  1. Oh gosh, I want one!! I bet the sound is amazing. I listen to TGG and Lana Del Ray's album every day!

    Tara xo

  2. My goodness, it is gorgeous! I can just imagine how dreamy it would be to listen to Alex Turner on vinyl...mmmm

    xx Carina

  3. i love lana del rey so much <3 x

  4. Oh this is just so lovely - really want the Crosley one now. I four different vintage record players and none of them work so I think investing in a new one that looks old is the way forward!x


  5. It was so lovely of you to comment back! winter wonderland was really magical, ice skating with a band in the middle was amazing and so much fun! I absolutely love the look of vinyl players and the blue crosby one is beautiful, unfortunately though I've never heard anything on vinyl and everyone always says how much nicer music sounds on one

  6. i'm so happy you're back into blogging ♥ belive me or not but i really missed you :) having vinyl player must be super awesome ;) so jealous ! happy new year (:

  7. I am so jealous! I have a record player myself that does not work and is way too big, which makes me sad. Now my mom has it because of the radio player it comes with. Viva le vynils!
    Mortem Blonde

  8. just one thing: your blog layout is flawless. who did it for you? i just love it.


  9. Amazing! I have so many records from my mum and I have a couple I bought myself! Would love love love one of these! X