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038: i'm moo!


i'm moo a 10 weeks (and 2 days) old baby boy pomeranian! people call me my full name, moomin, when i'm naughty and baby moo when i'm being cute. my mummy tells me i get my name from the tove jansson comics and even though i don't look like a moomin i like it. i moved to my new forever home on sunday 3rd august after squeezing my way through the baby gate to chew on lily's favourite shoes, it was love at first sight  nibble. i like long naps in small spaces but, i don't like having to wear a collar with a bell on and i still don't understand why the cats don't like me *hmph*. anyway, i'm looking forward to sharing lots more of my moomin stories on miaou or never, even if mummy won't change it to woof or never.

so yes i've introduced yet after blogging distraction to my life and i cannot believe it's a puppy! my parents spent their holiday sending me photographs of puppies and saying they were considering looking into getting one. with three cats this has always been something they've never taken seriously and they can't understand why they've changed their minds - but i'm not complaining. we found moomin and his five other siblings on pets4homes and immediately emailed to arrange a viewing. whilst we had planned to meet our potential pup taking home moo that day was a complete impromptu surprise and we weren't very prepared - it's safe to say on the trip home we visited every pet store! besides the odd set back in his potty training moo is a complete dream. we've already got so much love for him and i certainly can't wait to see how he grows!

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