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039: some changes!


i only feel like i can actually write about this having lost a few pounds recently. whilst i'm a huge supporter of carrie's wonderful body image post, i can only dream of being this confident about how i look. i'm tired of looking in the mirror and wondering how i'd look if there wasn't as much thigh present or, how much more comfortable i'd be if i wasn't so conscious of how my nose looked. i'm not going to list every imperfection i see because you've probably got something else to do besides read this! however, i will just say i've been taking part in exercising and eating better and i'm starting to see some positive changes that might just start my road to a more positive body image… who knows?! but in the words of the amazing rupaul "if you can't love yourself how the hell are you gonna to love somebody else?".


i'm always making changes throughout my room as i'm desperate for a place of my own to get decorating. however, for now my little sanctuary will simply have to do! finally a home sense has opened in cheltenham and on my first trip i bought the two crates above that i just adore. mooey also loves taking trips to home sense because he gets to ride in the trolleys!


i've really enjoyed embracing the early grandma in me and have starting cross stitching a lot more. whilst i'm stuck on recreating a pattern for the submarine soundtrack track list, there is something highly addictive about those little crosses. be careful of cross stitch abuse, it's a thing.


finally after dropping out of university last year i've begun again! so far it's been considerably more enjoyable than last year and i'm genuinely excited to see what the course has in store. i've begun marketing, advertising and branding which i feel out of my depth in but in a really good way that i have so much to learn and expand on.


and lastly i've been exploring a lot more clothing wise! whilst i probably shouldn't because i'm in the process of loosing weight and having to but lots on depop (username: lfmason). but hey it's been really fun! this afternoon i'm off to topshop having spotted some gorgeous pieces that will probably end up in a post as soon as possible.