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033: my new phone case

✿ custom deco den case £12:  daisy's decoden add her on kik (igexx) to order

it's been a little while since i last posted so i think i'm going to do a post about what i'm up to when i'm not blogging. however, during my absence i received this beautiful iphone case that you might have seen on my instagram. i'm completely in love with it and everyone points out how adorable it is. if you check out daisy's instagram it has all of her other adorable creations.  


032: finding tea cup homes for my baby cacti!


whilst at university i wanted some little plants to keep be company in my room. however, it's safe to say that my memory is like a sieve and i forgot to water the first plants i had - oops! so i ended up with these three little cacti from sainsburys when my mum came to visit one day. it wasn't until i was moving out and precariously placed one on top of several over items that it fell off and the pot broke. once home i found an old tea cup and placed the one without a little home into it. after that i spent a little while trying to find tea cup homes for the others and here they are! they've turned out to be the perfect cheap, effortless and cheerful way of completely my dressing table!