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027: welcome to my new shelves

✿ lego cloud cuckoo palace: £17.99 lego store here 
✿  laduree savoury cookbook: £18.76 amazon here

as i have said previously (here!) my room required a reshuffle before i bought my imac and whilst watching one of lily's videos i noticed her ikea shelves and decided i could do with something similar. i went for these ikea hemnes shelves after much deliberation and i'm so over the moon with them. i love all ikea furniture and there isn't one piece in my bedroom that isn't from the hemnes collection -i'm a dedicated white furniture fan. after spending quite a while on the ikea website i created a new pinterest board for all my first home inspiration, which then led to my wedding inspiration board… oops?! 

✿ skurar bowl: £7 pink and green here or red and white here

✿ large sweet jar: £2.49 home bargains similar here 
✿ small sweet jar: £1 home bargains similar here
✿ hemnes shelving unit: £80 ikea here  

✿ förtjust tea light holder: £2.25 ikea here and here 
✿ förtjust candle holder: £2 ikea here and here

✿ records: 50p-£30 amazon, rise music   

✿ typewriter: £20 charity shop 

✿ cardboard octopus: alex's mum 



026: a baby bioderma haul

✿ bioderma micelle solution: £4.50-£9.99 here 
✿ bioderma sebium pore refiner: £14.80 here

everytime i buy a bioderma dupe i always think 'i should have bought bioderma'. so, whilst i was in london (for the cath kidston safari launch) i went to the garden pharmacy in covent garden and purchased a bottle. unfortunately i could't find a 500ml bottle which was what i was after because for people that don't live close to london tracking bioderma down is still pretty hard.

i also picked up the bioderma sebum pore refiner because one of the biggest flaws in my skin is the size of my pores. in true regina george style 'my pores are huge' and it's started to really knock any confidence i had when it came to my skin. i haven't had the chance to use it yet because my skin is appalling at the moment and i'm just trying to get it back to normal - any recommendations for combination/sensitive skin?



025: to lily, buy yourself something pretty, love lily x


i remember in year 8 going to my friend mollies house and spending hours on photo booth on her imac filming videos and taking hundreds of photographs. finally i managed to get my mitts on my own imac, even if it did mean rearranging my room because its so small! i'm so in love with it and when i was setting it up alex said nothing but 'i want one'. it's fair to say now we just spend evenings both sat on a one man chair looking up lego mini figures on ebay and watching weird things on youtube - money well spent i think. i've had it for a week or so now and i have to say it's definitely been worth the money, besides the fact it doesn't come with a disk drive and i've had to buy an external one it's been incredible! i'm not usually a technology nerd but the speakers are infinitely better than the macbook pros. i've also noticed it goes much brighter (than a pro) which is good because my room can be so bright and it just nice to have a crisp screen.


 «currently in the record player: jake bugg shangri la»
lots of love, 


024: lush favourites, prince charming and neon love soap

_DSC4294 copy_DSC4302_DSC4307

i'm lucky enough to work for lush cosmetics and prior to leaving for university i would have been there almost three years! however, i'm back in my hometown working for lush and cath kidston, which is pretty darn cool i think.
anyway! when the valentines day collection was launched i fell completely in love with the neon love shop and shortly after the prince charming shower gel. i featured the neon love shop in a wish list and shortly after i bought my first chunk and i've been hoarding it ever since! it's so creamy and smells so lovely, i definitely recommend you have sniff! also, i've found a socially acceptable way of smothering yourself in jaffa cakes and it's prince charming shower gel.  somehow a mixture of pomegranate, marshmallow root and vanilla smells like the chocolate orange biscuits and i'm certainly not complaining!
unfortunately you cannot buy either online anymore however, you might be able to find it in your local lush store.

«currently in the record player: arctic monkeys am» 

lots of love,