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039: some changes!


i only feel like i can actually write about this having lost a few pounds recently. whilst i'm a huge supporter of carrie's wonderful body image post, i can only dream of being this confident about how i look. i'm tired of looking in the mirror and wondering how i'd look if there wasn't as much thigh present or, how much more comfortable i'd be if i wasn't so conscious of how my nose looked. i'm not going to list every imperfection i see because you've probably got something else to do besides read this! however, i will just say i've been taking part in exercising and eating better and i'm starting to see some positive changes that might just start my road to a more positive body image… who knows?! but in the words of the amazing rupaul "if you can't love yourself how the hell are you gonna to love somebody else?".


i'm always making changes throughout my room as i'm desperate for a place of my own to get decorating. however, for now my little sanctuary will simply have to do! finally a home sense has opened in cheltenham and on my first trip i bought the two crates above that i just adore. mooey also loves taking trips to home sense because he gets to ride in the trolleys!


i've really enjoyed embracing the early grandma in me and have starting cross stitching a lot more. whilst i'm stuck on recreating a pattern for the submarine soundtrack track list, there is something highly addictive about those little crosses. be careful of cross stitch abuse, it's a thing.


finally after dropping out of university last year i've begun again! so far it's been considerably more enjoyable than last year and i'm genuinely excited to see what the course has in store. i've begun marketing, advertising and branding which i feel out of my depth in but in a really good way that i have so much to learn and expand on.


and lastly i've been exploring a lot more clothing wise! whilst i probably shouldn't because i'm in the process of loosing weight and having to but lots on depop (username: lfmason). but hey it's been really fun! this afternoon i'm off to topshop having spotted some gorgeous pieces that will probably end up in a post as soon as possible.



038: i'm moo!


i'm moo a 10 weeks (and 2 days) old baby boy pomeranian! people call me my full name, moomin, when i'm naughty and baby moo when i'm being cute. my mummy tells me i get my name from the tove jansson comics and even though i don't look like a moomin i like it. i moved to my new forever home on sunday 3rd august after squeezing my way through the baby gate to chew on lily's favourite shoes, it was love at first sight  nibble. i like long naps in small spaces but, i don't like having to wear a collar with a bell on and i still don't understand why the cats don't like me *hmph*. anyway, i'm looking forward to sharing lots more of my moomin stories on miaou or never, even if mummy won't change it to woof or never.

so yes i've introduced yet after blogging distraction to my life and i cannot believe it's a puppy! my parents spent their holiday sending me photographs of puppies and saying they were considering looking into getting one. with three cats this has always been something they've never taken seriously and they can't understand why they've changed their minds - but i'm not complaining. we found moomin and his five other siblings on pets4homes and immediately emailed to arrange a viewing. whilst we had planned to meet our potential pup taking home moo that day was a complete impromptu surprise and we weren't very prepared - it's safe to say on the trip home we visited every pet store! besides the odd set back in his potty training moo is a complete dream. we've already got so much love for him and i certainly can't wait to see how he grows!

_DSC5388moo _DSC5384 lily-signature


037: meet prickle and spike!

prickle and spike2
✿ förtjust tealight holder: £2.25 ikea here 
✿ cactus: £1.50 wilko  
✿ bright pop fabric covered box: £6 cath kidston (sale)

i'd like to introduce you all to prickle and spike my two new desk friends. i'm a huge succulent lover and i'm dying to get my hands on some terrariums. however, having just killed one of my baby cactus i don't think i can trust myself just yet with too many! prickle and spike are the perfect new additions to my desk side. they keep me company whilst i spend far too much time dedicated to my new found hobby, cross stitching, and perusing amazon and ebay.

prickle and spike lily-signature


036: le disque d'or de sidney bechet record

✿ crosley cruiser briefcase style vinyl turntable: £66.38 amazon here 
✿ le disque d'or de sidney bechet vinyl: €3.99 discogs here

after searching high and low to find this record i can finally welcome you to the crème de la crème of my vinyl collection, mr sidney bechet. after seeing midnight in paris and falling in love with the opening scene i've always related sidney's 'si tu vois ma mère' with some awesome memories be it in paris or england, it's always been able to cheer me right up. so there was no wonder when i opened it and set the needle on it for the first time that i welled up a bit... sad but unfortunately very true, we've all got 'that' one song well this is certainly mine!

_DSC5191sidney _DSC5181sidney



035: bumble and bumble favourites

✿ bb thickening spray: £21.50 boots here 
✿ bb quenching masque £30 boots here
✿ bb prêt-a-powder: £21.50 boots here 

admittedly i've kind of fallen in love with bumble and bumble, having been introduced to b&b by kate, i'm a little bit addicted. recently i had a little splurge whilst at the b&b counter in boots and i've loved all the products i bought. the only bumble and bumble product i've used and did not like initially was the surf spray however, after having my hair cut i found it worked a lot better on shorter hair.

bb thickening dry spun finish spray
i had my heart set on the oribe texturising spray however, i definitely couldn't justify £39. so after trying to look for a high street alternative and eventually giving up i opted for the bb version and i'm definitely not disappointed. it's awesome for creating 'that' undone look quickly.

bb quenching masque
i probably should just have a hair cut (since it's been a while!) rather than using this but it works so well at conditioning the ends. ideally i'd prefer to apply this to dry hair as i hate having to find something to do for ten minutes in the shower to let it work.

bb prêt-a-powder
after using the tresemmé volume powder and finding it effective but leaving 
my hair with so much residue i explored the market to find something else that did the job. this powder is so fine you don't have to worry about white roots or any sticky residue and since it's got such a fine constancy i have a feeling it'll last a long time.



034: 180 piccadilly


so this is another post that will start with something along the lines 'it's been a little while but...' and i know it has been a little while but, i've finally got time to post my trip to 180 piccadilly. the lovely jazmine invited me to come along to cath kidston's safari launch and it was so much fun looking around the flagship store. if you have a little scroll through the photographs you'll eventually bump into one of myself (that amber took!) wearing my favourite grove roses dress from cath kidston that i just adore!
i met up with the gorgeous rhi of vintage style me after a very long time of not seeing each other due to me moving back home! it was only a brief trip but i'm not complaining, it felt so good to be back in london after months and months and especially in such good company.

_DSC4705cacti _DSC4542edited _DSC4492edited _DSC4401edited _DSC4468edited _DSC4458edited _DSC4538edited CK_SAFARI39ed



033: my new phone case

✿ custom deco den case £12:  daisy's decoden add her on kik (igexx) to order

it's been a little while since i last posted so i think i'm going to do a post about what i'm up to when i'm not blogging. however, during my absence i received this beautiful iphone case that you might have seen on my instagram. i'm completely in love with it and everyone points out how adorable it is. if you check out daisy's instagram it has all of her other adorable creations.