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lily a seventeen year old girl from the cotswolds, who was studying fashion promotion and imaging at the university for the creative arts but, has moved back home and is figuring out what to do. 

you like cats, clothes, photos, books and films, you'll hopefully like miaou or never. 

i like 
pugs, mermaids, sofia coppola, the smell of books, alex turner, marc jacobs perfumes, cath kidston, smock dresses, duffle coats, harry styles, gustav klimt, london buses, lolita, the natural history museum, amy winehouse, paris, vinyls, parma violets, penny boards, macarons, jacksgap, cats, emojis, wes anderson films, mulled wine, stickers, freckles, the chronicles of narnia, candyfloss, pictures, lana del rey, movie nights, the lisbon sisters, camp outs, second day hair, lush cosmetics, reading maps, planning, giving people presents, rookie magazine and one direction.

i don't like 
people who stand on the back of my shoes, being unorganised, choosing what to wear, being late, university, people who ask too many questions, awkward situations, boys that wear tank tops,nails that take too long to dry, people that don't say please or thank you and not being able to sleep. 

do you take your photographs with? a nikon 7000 (i used to have a d5000), do you edit your photographs with? photoshop cs6 always curves! 

what if you'd like to email me?…
please send your mail to miaouornever@gmail.com - thank you! 

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