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'but in my arms she was always lolita' contains smushy little long songs to make your heart flutter and dream. (quote from lolita)

1. she's thunderstorms - arctic monkeys 
2. lovefool - the cardigans
3. baby i'm yours - arctic monkeys 
4. i'll be seeing you - billie holiday
5. stuck on the puzzle - alex turner 
6. moody's mood for love - amy winehouse
7. playground love - air
8. baby it's you - smith
9. loving you - paolo nutini
10. i'll be your lover too - robert pattinson

'did i tell you how divinely and utterly happy i am?' contains happy tunes that little blue birds sing whilst you skip your way to picnics and and tea parties. (quote from breakfast at tiffanies)

1. lollipop - the chordettes
2. the giantess - bombay bicycle club
3. little bitty pretty one - thurston harris
4. little bit - lykke li
5. build be up buttercup - foundations
6. ivy gold - bombay bicycle club
7. our day will come - amy winehouse
8. money box - eliza doolittle
9. wouldn't it be nice - the beach boys
10. home - edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros

'i'd like uhh ice cream soda with extra chocolate syrup' contains adorable little songs for those with a sweet tooth and could happily spend their time eating parma violets and sherbet. (quote from lolita)

1. one fine day - the chiffons
2. i want candy - bow wow wow
3. i love you ono - total stereo
4. sugar mouse - oh atoms
5. toothpaste kisses - the maccabees
6. girls and boys in love - the rumble strips
7. candy - paolo nutini
8. money box - eliza doolittle
9.  she's got you high - mummra
10. quelqu'un ma dit - carla bruni

'what we see and what we seem are but a dream, a dream within a dream' contains light little melodies for dreamers to whistle and hum to whilst building castles in the air. (quote from picnic at hanging rock)

1. when i grow up - first aid kit
2. playground love - air
3. dream a little dream of me -  mamas and the papas
4. fairytale lullaby - bombay bicycle club
5. swallow song - vashti bunyan
6. the wolf and i - oh land
7. yayo - lana del rey
8. little bit - lykke li
9. california dream - the mamas and the papas

'romeo is banished' contains little melodies for quiet and sad times when cuddles and pug kisses are needed. (quote from romeo and juliet)

1. tonight - lykke li
2. he can only hold her - amy winehouse
3. wolf & i - oh land
4. summertime sadness - lana del rey
5. emily's heart - jamie t
6. the blowers daughter - damien rice
7. back to front - eliza doolittle
8. this is what makes us girls - lana del rey
9. missing - eliza doolittle
10. 505 - arctic monkeys 

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