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023: the recordings of an infinite wish list #2


see wish list number one here 

new look houndstooth skirt £17.99: new look have released some absolute gems in their most recent collection and i would definitely consider this skirt as one of them!

marsha the mermaid queen lego mini figurines £2.49: yes, unfortunately i have spent the last half hour or so looking for clues on how to locate this little cutie as it is a lucky dip when it comes to the mini figurines.  if you see a girl lurking in the direction of the lego stand feeling each packet for a tail and trying to decode the barcodes - that will unfortunately be me.

pomander diptyque candle £40: this is me pretty much trying to cling on to christmas through a spicy and warm candle from the urban retreat boutique, until summer is in full swing.

scented gel pens (price ranges!): please can someone explain how these went from the bane of my life and making sure the set was complete to completely forgetting they exist?! whilst it's been 11 years since they were a craze in my hometown i can firmly remember spending a fortunate of gel pens and soap being my favourite.

the wes anderson collection £19-22: as i have said before in my little present guide alex is very much so a scorsese kind of guy and i'm more of a sofia coppola kind of girl we both agree on the wonder that is wes anderson. alex says i'm moonrise kingdom in a film, which i won't argue with as i love it so much! and i think that this book is a really sweet way to look into his films some more.

opi nail lacquer bubble bath £11.50: i fell in love with the name of this polish when i saw it on the urban retreat beautique, it's just adorable! as someone that works at lush i think it's a staple!

bb sunday shampoo £14.13 and bb super rich conditioner £16.47: these bumble and bumble products have graced their presence right at the top of my wish list ever since i came across the bb section on the urban retreat beautique. p.s can you guess which online store has quickly become my favourite site to look for new beauty products!? i also couldn't help notice whilst exploring the site that hourglass is soon becoming a stockist very soon so whilst we are at it i'd like to add this conclealer brush pretty please!

topshop lip bullet in there she goes £8: whilst the topshop website reviews are not particularly recommending of the product, i do really love the colour and am definitely going to be 'swatching' (am i beauty blogger now?!) it in store!

«currently in the record player: arctic monkeys am» 

lots of love, 


(this post was written in collaboration with the urban beautique retreat, but my wish list from them is still infinitely long!) 


022: my blue crosley


so back in my most favourite christmas present post i introduced my first record player and how i fell in love with this blue crosley. it was out of stock on amazon for months and months until we got a notification saying it was dispatched and here it is! i thought i'd do a little post about it as lots of people have asked where it's from etc.

advantages: three different speeds • a decent sound for such little speakers • it's pastel (need i say more!)
disadvantages: you can't close the lid with a record in • you may just want to stay in forever and listen to your favourite albums


✿ amy winehouse frank vinyl:  £18.99 (bought online but i can't find it anywhere!)
✿ blue crosley turntable: £69.99 amazon here


«currently in the record player: amy winehouse frank»
lots of love, 


021: what i will wear: valentines day


i have to say i haven't ever been this excited for valentines day! but my vintage style me dress arrived this morning and i had to get planning for the special day. as soon as i opened this dress my eyes turned to love hearts and i thought *hubba hubba*, it's just perfect right?

so far we've planned a little adventure to bristol so i have had to make sure that it is practical for train hopping and those oh so pleasant clifton hills - hence the rucksack from dresslily which reminds me of the kanken rucksacks that i am far too broke to afford! picking a perfume was easy as dot has become an everyday favourite of mine and i've had to buy other fragrances so i don't use too much of it up!
i hope you all have a wonderful day whatever your plans!


✿ shoes: £17 new look here

✿ smock dress: £32 vintage style me here
✿ underwear: £18 ann summers here 
✿ purse: £6 cath kidston (couldn't find online but similar here)

✿  coin purse: £4 cath kidston (not longer online but similar here)
✿ underwear: £18 ann summers here 

✿ rucksack: £7.94 dresslily here*

«currently in the record player: amy winehouse frank»
lots of love, 


020: some recent purchases

✿ asos star gazer heels: £40 here  

✿ cath kidston fabric: £10 per metre (in the sale and no longer on website - however here they do have more pretty patterns here)

✿ ebay chunky boots: £19.99 here

✿ collared jumper: £10 primark

✿ cath kidston sewing box: £15 (no longer available online)

✿ primark sandals: £10

✿ lush neon love soap: £6.56 (154g) here  
✿ korres pomegranate balancing moisturiser: £19 here
✿ michel mercer kids thick hair brush: £12 here

✿ asos winter floral smock: £21 here

 «currently in the record player: the great gatsby soundtrack»
lots of love, 


019: valentines day gift guide

i'm a sucker for buying presents so whether or not you like to celebrate valentines day is completely up to you - but i love any excuse to celebrate and buy presents. even when i didn't have a boyfriend i still celebrated valentines day and bought my best friend cupcakes! but, i would love to know what your opinions on valentines day are!

_DSC3891 ✿ film listography: £6-10 here  
✿ pencil case: cath kidston here
✿ kitty highlighter: paperchase here

what if they aren't a film person? they also come in a music, travel and future edition!

whilst i'm a coppola girl and alex is a scorsese guy we always manage to find films to watch and then quote forever after. brownie points for guessing where 'what kind of bird are you' and 'oh hai mark' come from… anyway we saw this listography book which was completely and utterly perfect so i went back and bought it.

✿ lego walter white/heisenberg: £16 here 

what if they don't like lego or breaking bad? use etsy to look for other little trinket gifts inspired by tv shows, films, books and just about everything!

after seeing the daily mail cover the breaking bad lego style set i knew it would be something alex would completely adore. however, the real set is super limited edition and is currently on ebay for £905 so it's definitely out go the question. whilst looking etsy i found the tinderbrick store that sells breaking bad mini figures so i bought this walter white.

✿ vinyl player: £44 here full (review here)
✿ django unchained: £17 here

what if they don't have a vinyl player? you can use them as decoration, amazon sell a variety of different frames you can fit vinyls in.

something we never (and never will) argue over is a leonardo di caprio film - because quite honestly who would?! whilst it was a huge change from the precious angel faced leo i'd seen in romeo and juliet, the titanic (and to some extent the beach) his performance in django unchained was really quite flawless. whilst i'm not the biggest tarantino fan (but i do adore death proof, weirdly) i did think it was charming that the soundtracks are always inspired by his vinyl collection so i got alex the django unchained soundtrack.

✿ the wolf of street a4 poster: £3.49 (+ one free one) here 

what if they don't like the wolf of wall street? perhaps frame their favourite film poster or book cover. 

another present inspired by alex's love for films! i thought it simple but a nice touch for his bedroom as he loved the poster and i already bought him the book (which i secretly wanted!).

✿ jar: found around house: £4 similar here

i thought i'd make alex something a little extra as this popped into my head! it's a simple gift that requires very little and is very inexpensive. i made a list of his favourite films, googled quotes from all of them, printed them out and put them in this little jar to take out and read whenever he wants!

«currently in the record player: arctic monkeys am» 

lots of love,


018: my january favourites

✿ record player: amazon (full review here) £44.79
✿ jake bugg vinyl: rise £20

so after weeks of slating jake bugg's second album i caved and bought the cd.. which led to the purchase of the vinyl from alex (thank you!) which then led to all my other vinyls collecting dust as this is all i have listened to for days!


✿ sketchbook: tiger £6

i've finally decided to compile all of my magazine clippings into a sketchbook. i enjoyed scrapbooking all of my magazine pages as it's something that i have meant to do for literally years.

alex has gotten me into american horror story and whilst i was at uni i spent a week catching up on the murder house series. but now that i'm home i'm always waiting for a new episode of coven and recently finished watching asylum which was incredible! (really gross at times, but really good too!).

my second favourite is the wolf of wall street. i really enjoyed this film and it's the first new film i've properly enjoyed in a very long time. whilst it's three hours long it didn't feel like it in the slightest and i can't wait to read the book after alex has finished with it! i would highly recommend this film but, just don't see it with your parents… 


017: making 2014 my year (fingers crossed!)

most of my goals this year are to do more than rather than less than of something. i've given up on the whole 'loose weight/be healthier' goal and focussed on things that actually matter/ that are more doable. i'm rather grateful for the lloyds bank 'make 2014 your year' app i have to say as it has helped out hugely with tips for the following and especially moving out! do you have any goals for 2014? if so i'd love to hear about them in the comments!


✿ stitch! whsmith £5
✿ ladurée recipe book tkmaxx £10

after undertaking an unexpected gap year i'm determined to do more with my free time - even if it's something like starting a new hobby like cross stitching (which i have!).  this also entails travelling, probably not far but still doing more of it! 


✿ type writer: charity shop £20

whilst i love making lists in my notebooks i hate having to write for long periods of time and this isn't due to the work load. i hate my handwriting. to the point where i would not revise during my gcses and a levels as i hated how untidy my revision looked. weird i know. but when my mum asked if i had gotten alex a valentines day card and my response was no she suggested i purchase a typewriter she'd seen in a charity shop. i didn't need much persuading as i've always wanted to be a girl in orla kiely's typing pool but i am hoping it'll in encourage me to write more!


✿ suitcases: cath kidston similar here £24

this also includes getting a job and saving up! and something i don't mind saying will probably happen in the latter half of the year as it requires a lot of saving up. either way the make 2014 your year app has been really informative on this subject as i have no idea where to start!


✿ flower vase: cath kidston (old!)

i hardly ever have flowers in my bedroom but when i do they make me feel a lot happier so i think they are something i should purchase frequently.


this is quite simply a pledge to read all the unread books i possess over this year! as well as all the other books i've promised myself after reading these! i used to read so much as a child but it's something that i barely do as much now i'm more into social media and blogging - which whilst i love really shouldn't replace a book! 

«currently in the record player: arctic monkeys am» 

lots of love,