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019: valentines day gift guide

i'm a sucker for buying presents so whether or not you like to celebrate valentines day is completely up to you - but i love any excuse to celebrate and buy presents. even when i didn't have a boyfriend i still celebrated valentines day and bought my best friend cupcakes! but, i would love to know what your opinions on valentines day are!

_DSC3891 ✿ film listography: £6-10 here  
✿ pencil case: cath kidston here
✿ kitty highlighter: paperchase here

what if they aren't a film person? they also come in a music, travel and future edition!

whilst i'm a coppola girl and alex is a scorsese guy we always manage to find films to watch and then quote forever after. brownie points for guessing where 'what kind of bird are you' and 'oh hai mark' come from… anyway we saw this listography book which was completely and utterly perfect so i went back and bought it.

✿ lego walter white/heisenberg: £16 here 

what if they don't like lego or breaking bad? use etsy to look for other little trinket gifts inspired by tv shows, films, books and just about everything!

after seeing the daily mail cover the breaking bad lego style set i knew it would be something alex would completely adore. however, the real set is super limited edition and is currently on ebay for £905 so it's definitely out go the question. whilst looking etsy i found the tinderbrick store that sells breaking bad mini figures so i bought this walter white.

✿ vinyl player: £44 here full (review here)
✿ django unchained: £17 here

what if they don't have a vinyl player? you can use them as decoration, amazon sell a variety of different frames you can fit vinyls in.

something we never (and never will) argue over is a leonardo di caprio film - because quite honestly who would?! whilst it was a huge change from the precious angel faced leo i'd seen in romeo and juliet, the titanic (and to some extent the beach) his performance in django unchained was really quite flawless. whilst i'm not the biggest tarantino fan (but i do adore death proof, weirdly) i did think it was charming that the soundtracks are always inspired by his vinyl collection so i got alex the django unchained soundtrack.

✿ the wolf of street a4 poster: £3.49 (+ one free one) here 

what if they don't like the wolf of wall street? perhaps frame their favourite film poster or book cover. 

another present inspired by alex's love for films! i thought it simple but a nice touch for his bedroom as he loved the poster and i already bought him the book (which i secretly wanted!).

✿ jar: found around house: £4 similar here

i thought i'd make alex something a little extra as this popped into my head! it's a simple gift that requires very little and is very inexpensive. i made a list of his favourite films, googled quotes from all of them, printed them out and put them in this little jar to take out and read whenever he wants!

«currently in the record player: arctic monkeys am» 

lots of love,


  1. these are such cute ideas ! i love listography, it keeps jogging my memory and lets me remember little things :)
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography - www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  2. That's the sweetest array of presents I have ever seen :)
    Behind each one of them there must have been so much love, care and thought! It's truly heartwarming to see :)
    Also, the movie quotes jar is an amazing idea!


  3. oh my god!!! this is adorable! so thoughtful :) I don't have a boyfriend but my friends and I are doing a valentine's swap with each other so I still get to buy presents ^.^



  4. These are all such lovely presents! I'll definitely steal a few ideas from this.
    Bian, Mortem Blonde

  5. This is such a beautiful gift guide Lily, and it makes a change from the red heart laden ones floating about- all your picks are so lovely and thoughtful!
    Emma xx Wallflower Wardobe

  6. Such lovely gift ideas, all of them are so thoughtful. If only my boyfriend was actually interested in stuff! He really doesn't like presents and is a nightmare to buy for. xx


  7. You're so thoughtful Lily. That Walter White Lego man is uh-mazing!

    Tara x

  8. Oh these are some of the loveliest idea I have seen and so personal it just makes it that much nicer! You seem to put so much thought into these ideas and they are truly wonderful

  9. This is such a lovely post. I love your photography and writing style :) I'm really tempted to treat myself to The Wolf of Wall Street poster… I loved the film! x
    Sophie Clare

  10. oh my gosh. these are actually the sweetest of gifts Lily! Brit

  11. How delicious! Beautiful combinations of pattern & colors, so inspiring for me, I bookmarking your blog for further reading.
    Valentine Gift for Couples