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018: my january favourites

✿ record player: amazon (full review here) £44.79
✿ jake bugg vinyl: rise £20

so after weeks of slating jake bugg's second album i caved and bought the cd.. which led to the purchase of the vinyl from alex (thank you!) which then led to all my other vinyls collecting dust as this is all i have listened to for days!


✿ sketchbook: tiger £6

i've finally decided to compile all of my magazine clippings into a sketchbook. i enjoyed scrapbooking all of my magazine pages as it's something that i have meant to do for literally years.

alex has gotten me into american horror story and whilst i was at uni i spent a week catching up on the murder house series. but now that i'm home i'm always waiting for a new episode of coven and recently finished watching asylum which was incredible! (really gross at times, but really good too!).

my second favourite is the wolf of wall street. i really enjoyed this film and it's the first new film i've properly enjoyed in a very long time. whilst it's three hours long it didn't feel like it in the slightest and i can't wait to read the book after alex has finished with it! i would highly recommend this film but, just don't see it with your parents… 


  1. I caved in and bought the new Jake Bugg album after weeks of saying "It's won't be as good as the first one!" too (Actually today in fact!), although I've not "properly" listened to it yet! I'm hoping I'll adore it as much as I did his debut album though! ... Also I desperately want (need!) to start watching American Horror Story. I've actually recorded the first season (twice I should add!), but unfortunately the mysterious "Mr nobody" that lives in our house felt the need to delete it off the Sky Planner on both occasions! Looks like I'm going to be purchasing the DVD's to solve this problem!
    Aimee x

  2. Oh i am total horror story freak!! I love watching American Horror Story :-)

    Grace / From The Moon

  3. i got my boyfriend a vinyl player for christmas too, so it's quite exciting to similar players pop up here and there on blogs lately hehe. ps. i discovered your blog from grace (from the moon's) and am so glad i clicked into it - i love your blog!! your pictures are so pretty and the layout is just adorable. am your newest reader now :)

    rachel x

  4. Every time I see a snap of your record player I want it. I loooved The Wolf of Wall Street! Gosh, I have a feeling my 'rents would walk out of that film haha.

    Tara x

  5. That's a lovely list of favourites :) a vinyl player has been on my wishlist for ages but I still have to get rid of some of the clutter in my bedroom to make room for it !
    I have never watched American Horror Story, but I am definitely considering starting it, my younger brother is a fan and he keeps insisting I should watch it too :)
    That sketchbook looks fabulous !


  6. Lily, I adore these posts so much <3 I'm so happy you're into American Horror Story, it's amazing! I've been working on some AHS illustrations which I must show you! I'm still behind with it and watching season two, I kind of want it to last & last.

    I can't wait to see the Wolf of Wall Street, anything with Leo in is amazing <3

    Oh my, I have the l'oreal micellar water & have never tried the bioderma, although Parisian pharmacies call to me, so I'm super glad that you've said it's a dupe! I feel so fresh, like summer has arrived that much earlier when I put it on.

    tea & sparkles,

    Natasha <3 <3

  7. lily your blog and photographs are just gorgeous. would you recommend american horror story? i've always wanted to watch it but i think i'd be too much of a wimp to actually do it!
    ps i agree with the wolf of wallstreet, it was amazing! - but so so long haha
    amy from onegirlonebook

  8. i still haven't watched any of the coven series of american horror story! still, at least i can watch lots in one go this way. and yay to putting magazine clippings in a sketchbook! it makes you feel a lot more organised doesn't it :)

  9. Scrapbooking really takes me back to school days - I haven't done it in years! I may give it a swing again.


  10. i love your sketchbook/scrapbook idea, a great way to gain inspiration daily :)
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography - www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  11. Everyone keeps going on about American Horror Story and I think I will very soon snap and have to see what all the fuss is about! I also really love your scrapbook, it is so pretty and something which I'm sure would be lovely to look back on