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023: the recordings of an infinite wish list #2


see wish list number one here 

new look houndstooth skirt £17.99: new look have released some absolute gems in their most recent collection and i would definitely consider this skirt as one of them!

marsha the mermaid queen lego mini figurines £2.49: yes, unfortunately i have spent the last half hour or so looking for clues on how to locate this little cutie as it is a lucky dip when it comes to the mini figurines.  if you see a girl lurking in the direction of the lego stand feeling each packet for a tail and trying to decode the barcodes - that will unfortunately be me.

pomander diptyque candle £40: this is me pretty much trying to cling on to christmas through a spicy and warm candle from the urban retreat boutique, until summer is in full swing.

scented gel pens (price ranges!): please can someone explain how these went from the bane of my life and making sure the set was complete to completely forgetting they exist?! whilst it's been 11 years since they were a craze in my hometown i can firmly remember spending a fortunate of gel pens and soap being my favourite.

the wes anderson collection £19-22: as i have said before in my little present guide alex is very much so a scorsese kind of guy and i'm more of a sofia coppola kind of girl we both agree on the wonder that is wes anderson. alex says i'm moonrise kingdom in a film, which i won't argue with as i love it so much! and i think that this book is a really sweet way to look into his films some more.

opi nail lacquer bubble bath £11.50: i fell in love with the name of this polish when i saw it on the urban retreat beautique, it's just adorable! as someone that works at lush i think it's a staple!

bb sunday shampoo £14.13 and bb super rich conditioner £16.47: these bumble and bumble products have graced their presence right at the top of my wish list ever since i came across the bb section on the urban retreat beautique. p.s can you guess which online store has quickly become my favourite site to look for new beauty products!? i also couldn't help notice whilst exploring the site that hourglass is soon becoming a stockist very soon so whilst we are at it i'd like to add this conclealer brush pretty please!

topshop lip bullet in there she goes £8: whilst the topshop website reviews are not particularly recommending of the product, i do really love the colour and am definitely going to be 'swatching' (am i beauty blogger now?!) it in store!

«currently in the record player: arctic monkeys am» 

lots of love, 


(this post was written in collaboration with the urban beautique retreat, but my wish list from them is still infinitely long!) 


  1. I used to work at the lego store and got one of the mermaids when they came out, it's so cute and sassy. If you go to a proper lego shop and ask the staff they can usually help you look for one as they know what they are looking for. At the shop where I was the mermaid was quite rare as it was the one everyone wanted! Also fab blog post it's as dreamy as ever!

  2. I want to try one of the B&B shampoo/conditioners! I didn't get on with the salt spray so I'd be interested to see what these are like.

    Tara xo

  3. That skirt is gorgeous, and that mermaid lego girl is just the most awesome thing ever! x


  4. absolutely love the lego figure! would love to try some bumble and bumble products too...not just because i like the packaging ofc.......... xx

  5. I received OPI Bubble Bath in my stocking for Christmas and it's a gorgeous soft pink. I love using it as a base for French manicures! As for the Topshop Lip Bullet, I've heard mixed things about it but am yet to try it myself. I'd love to know what it's like ^_^

    A Winter's Walk