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034: 180 piccadilly


so this is another post that will start with something along the lines 'it's been a little while but...' and i know it has been a little while but, i've finally got time to post my trip to 180 piccadilly. the lovely jazmine invited me to come along to cath kidston's safari launch and it was so much fun looking around the flagship store. if you have a little scroll through the photographs you'll eventually bump into one of myself (that amber took!) wearing my favourite grove roses dress from cath kidston that i just adore!
i met up with the gorgeous rhi of vintage style me after a very long time of not seeing each other due to me moving back home! it was only a brief trip but i'm not complaining, it felt so good to be back in london after months and months and especially in such good company.

_DSC4705cacti _DSC4542edited _DSC4492edited _DSC4401edited _DSC4468edited _DSC4458edited _DSC4538edited CK_SAFARI39ed



  1. Forever in love with your photography, Lily! <3

  2. These photos are so gorgeous! Unbelievably pretty my lovely xx


  3. I always look forward to your posts so much,your photos are always flawless! x

  4. Lovely to see that you have enjoyed our store! come back whenever you like to say hello ;)
    Allison - one the team member of the piccadilly store ;)