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025: to lily, buy yourself something pretty, love lily x


i remember in year 8 going to my friend mollies house and spending hours on photo booth on her imac filming videos and taking hundreds of photographs. finally i managed to get my mitts on my own imac, even if it did mean rearranging my room because its so small! i'm so in love with it and when i was setting it up alex said nothing but 'i want one'. it's fair to say now we just spend evenings both sat on a one man chair looking up lego mini figures on ebay and watching weird things on youtube - money well spent i think. i've had it for a week or so now and i have to say it's definitely been worth the money, besides the fact it doesn't come with a disk drive and i've had to buy an external one it's been incredible! i'm not usually a technology nerd but the speakers are infinitely better than the macbook pros. i've also noticed it goes much brighter (than a pro) which is good because my room can be so bright and it just nice to have a crisp screen.


 «currently in the record player: jake bugg shangri la»
lots of love, 


  1. wow congrats on the new imac -- plus the white looks so good with the general colour scheme of your room! :)

    i.e.; Jessie

  2. I love playing around on my cousin's iMac whenever I visit her. I would love one for myself but I can't afford to replace my Macbook Pro right now! Your blog is gorgeous by the way — so glad I found it — I love your aesthetic. New fan!

    Grace x


  3. Hi Lilly, I found your blog through bloglovin as the picture of the pretty wallpaper on your mac is so nice (ok I don't want to use pretty again!), I should do something like that with my macbook - very feminine. I read your studied Fashion promotion and imagining at UCA, that the one in Epsom right? If so I studied fashion journalism there so It always nice to see an UCA girl, if not just think off me as some looney.
    I hope to see you around and I really like your blog. xx


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