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027: welcome to my new shelves

✿ lego cloud cuckoo palace: £17.99 lego store here 
✿  laduree savoury cookbook: £18.76 amazon here

as i have said previously (here!) my room required a reshuffle before i bought my imac and whilst watching one of lily's videos i noticed her ikea shelves and decided i could do with something similar. i went for these ikea hemnes shelves after much deliberation and i'm so over the moon with them. i love all ikea furniture and there isn't one piece in my bedroom that isn't from the hemnes collection -i'm a dedicated white furniture fan. after spending quite a while on the ikea website i created a new pinterest board for all my first home inspiration, which then led to my wedding inspiration board… oops?! 

✿ skurar bowl: £7 pink and green here or red and white here

✿ large sweet jar: £2.49 home bargains similar here 
✿ small sweet jar: £1 home bargains similar here
✿ hemnes shelving unit: £80 ikea here  

✿ förtjust tea light holder: £2.25 ikea here and here 
✿ förtjust candle holder: £2 ikea here and here

✿ records: 50p-£30 amazon, rise music   

✿ typewriter: £20 charity shop 

✿ cardboard octopus: alex's mum 



  1. I love all these things, but the lego palace has to be an unexpected favourite! Claire x


  2. I love your blog! I find it very interesting and inspiring!


  3. Since moving out I've become quite a fan of Ikea, and as I'm currently in the middle of flat hunting for after the summer I'm always pinning lots of interior inspiration. After reading this I reaaaally need another shopping trip! I love white furniture too as it just goes with everything and looks so clean and gives a really nice finish to a room xx

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

    1. i have so much love for ikea and pinterest, the two go hand in hand really! i know what you mean, i like having pops of colour as well!

  4. i love your white furniture it makes everything so light and easy to accessorise, and ikea is fab for little pieces !
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography - www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk
    Vote for my blog here !

    1. thank you! i know! you can spend so much on little trinkets!

  5. so beautiful I am jealous. Come to London and makeover my room please! x

    1. haha, i love you jem! of course, i would love to!

  6. Your shelves are absolutely beautiful! I love the way you've placed and arranged all your knick knacks - it's one of my favourite things about decorating. I'm such an Ikea fangirl too. Everything is mass produced and everyone owns the same thing, but I'm such a sucker for white, minimalistic furniture! I really want the Expidit shelving unit, but after seeing your Hemnes shelves, I'm now unsure!

    I am constantly dreaming of my future first home and reblogging pretty homes on Tumblr. As for my dream wedding, I am totally going Marie Antoinette style with macaron towers and plenty of desserts! Future husband, you better be rich.


    1. thank you tenneil! exactly, it's so cheap and pretty!

      my thoughts exactly, i'd love a champagne glass tower so they can fill it like they do in marie antoinette, that would be so much fun! (i feel like we'd get along so so so well!)

  7. I love all the small details like delicate glassware dishes to hold little bits and bobs ^-^

    boho vanity ♡

    1. thank you! they were super cheap and really handy! i've filled one with nerd sweets at the moment, they are so addictive!

  8. oh Lily, your belongings and collections are amazing, I wish my room was a pretty as yours <3 x x

    1. thank you gorgeous! i'm sure your room is so pretty!