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007: behind the scenes of my fashion photography and styling project at uca


just before leaving uca epsom in september i handed in my fashion photography and styling project - which whilst i enjoyed i just did not feel like was for me anymore. i unintentionally took some behind the scenes photographs and so i thought i would share them. the white pepper kindly lent me some of their beautiful shoes and a two piece (which i was in love with!). and i also worked on some smock designs with the wonderful rhi from vintage style me, which you can see in the first two photographs - aren't they adorable!? i can't wait for them to be released come spring/summer time, i'll be first in line for any smock rhi makes. we had a lot of fun creating the images that i ended up calling 'bopiscle' a mixture between bopping and a popsicle as we listened to one direction and chewed bubblegum i thought it was appropriate.  
this was my first proper university project, and my last at the university for the creative arts as the university of my dreams has really disappointed me. i'm tempted to do a little post about it because it's nice to know that some people are in the same butt (nemo reference i feel like i have to point out!).


lots of love, lily

p.s hi mum!  


  1. i went to uca too and could not have hated my time there more! i was brave enough to leave so completed my degree there but can tell you that i know exactly how disappointed you must have been at the uni. i hope you find somewhere you really want to be soon x


  2. I'm sad to hear that you didn't enjoy your time there - I'd be so interested to hear about your experiences so definitely write that post! The BTS photos are fantastic and I look forward to seeing the finished shots <3

  3. such a shame to hear you didn't enjoy your time at your dream uni. i never went in the end, i felt pressured into something i didn't want to do which is typical of us non-academic students ! this looks like a really great shoot lily, i bet the images were amazing :)
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves - www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  4. Im currently in my first year at Canterbury UCA and doing architecture. Sadly I'm also not so sure if this is now the course/uni for me. Would love to hear about your experience too!
    The pictures look amazing though, you should be really proud of them!

    1. for some reason i can't get on your profile to reply lovely! architecture is a really long course isn't it? i probably will do a little post on it all as lots of people seem interested!

  5. I've always loved your photography! Your photos were a huge inspiration for my own when I took A level photography last year. Also I'm sorry to hear you didn't enjoy your time at uni, but I hope whatever you have planned for the future brings you more excitement and happiness :) x

  6. Definitely onwards and upwards! I'm in the last year of a graphic design degree and I've hated almost every moment of it. I wish I'd dropped out a long time ago! I hope you find something that you enjoy! Also, the photos are lovely as always!

  7. I am very sad to hear you didin't enjoy your time at the uni of your dreams and although I am studying a complete different subject from the one you were, I can understand how it feels to be disappointed in your course. I certainly wish I had done differently and dropped out to follow some other dreams of mine ! So it's good to hear you realized it wasn't something for you and dropped out before being too caught up with it :) I hope whatever you have planned for your future brings you the happiness and the fulfilment you deserve :D you were very brave :)


  8. Lily I love these images - so cute.
    I am sorry you didn't like your time at UCA. I also went to UCA as you know and I spent quite a lot of my time thinking uni wasn't right for me. One of my best friends from first year actually left but I kept on at it which I don't regret now it's over, but at the time it did get me down! There are so many other things you can do - the world is your oyster!
    Here is my blog post about uni if you were interested http://www.hannakristinablog.co.uk/2013/07/photography-and-university.html

    Hanna x

  9. i recently dropped out of an art school because i wasn't loving the program, and it was a very good decision that i do not regret! it's not right for everyone and i applaud you for choosing to leave if you weren't happy-it doesn't make sense to spend the money to be unhappy. i'd love to hear more of your experiences and why exactly you chose to leave.....oh, and i love these two shots! that first one in particular, where she's blowing a bubble, is really cool xx

    Little Blue Backpack

  10. i love these photos, lily!

    i dropped out of uni too, i was doing illustration in cardiff. i LOVE illustration and always will, but the course was just not right for me. maybe somewhere else would have been perfect, but i don't feel the need to be in education anymore.

    i actually feel much more motivated and happy now than i EVER did in uni!

  11. Such pretty snaps! :) Ahhh, I left uni in my second year because I hated it so I can totally relate. I hope you work it out, you're still young. <3

    Tara xo