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014: a few of my favourite things & a room tour video!


having moved everything back from my university room i forgot how much stuff i actually had. once i put it all in my room i really hated how cluttered everything looked but i've come to realise that clutter=good and it's okay to be a hoarder! whilst i don't have it as bad are the tv programmes portray it i just love keeping things. from the bottle of vanilla vodka i drank the first night alex kissed me to the coconut i ate coconut ice cream from in paris with my best friend phoebe… i keep it all in my bedroom. i'm also a notorious receipt keeper, not because i might need to take something back (of course not, that would make sense) but because it holds memories.

recently, i've discovered where i get my hoarding tendencies from and that would be from my papa. we've had to put up numerous shelves around the house to home all of his little trinkets and having seen how much little things mean to him has definitely rubbed off on me to. so i thought i'd go through my own little shelf in my room and let you know what is on it. i'm also hoping to do the same with my little trinket holders you can see here.


 «currently in the record player: jake bugg shangri la (yup again!)»
lots of love, 


  1. i love your room, it's so white and kitsch ! it looks cluttered in a good way which i love, parents just don't get it
    Lauren x
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  2. those cameras! in loveee :)

    xo, Brikena
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  3. your room looks amazing, i love your vinyl collection! xxx

  4. Your room is so pretty and dreamy! I try not to hoard a lot of things as I'm very much a minimalist, but there is that kind of "organised mess" look that I do really love too. I love having lots of trinkets and sentimental things out on display in my room as it can really give it personality and colour. Your magazine collection is very impressive as is your camera collection! I spy lots of amazing books too. I've got Lolita on my to read list at the moment. I've seen both films and they're both incredible!


  5. Look at all those cool cameras! Gosh, I'm also a crazy receipt keeper! It makes me sad when they fade...

    Tara xo

  6. Love and want all of your cameras! x jazzy at hivenn.co.uk

  7. I bet Ben Howard sounds absolutely amazing on vinyl! I absolutely love your room and how everything is just so white, and the touches of cath kidston do make it look so lovely