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011: wish list number one


imac: one word, yum. i've always preferred an imac over a macbook, there is just something so pretty about them. plus, i hate the idea of carrying around a laptop that costs £1,000.

marie antoinette vinyl: this is currently my most coveted vinyl and probably will be forever. if you haven't listened to the soundtrack properly before i urge you to! someone has kindly uploaded the soundtrack here and here and honestly sofia coppola's soundtracks are second to none. (i also strongly recommend the bling ring soundtrack which someone has made a playlist of here!) i forgot to say it's like ridiculously rare, so i'll probably never get my mitts on the soundtrack on vinyl.

cath kidston ipad cases (patchwork gadget case and spotted cover): i saw the patchwork case in the sloane square store and just fell in love with this new print. i then fell even deeper for the spotted cover and couldn't help but think it would be the cutest ipad cover duo ever.

jo malone vanilla and anise: in my opinion there is
(from bottom to top!) perfume, penhaligons, marc jacobs, then jo malone. all of the her fragrances are just out of this world. plus harry styles and i both share the same favourite jo malone scent that is vanilla and anise.

lush neon love soap: having worked at lush for three years i'm always going to be a fan of there products. however, this is just such an amazingly scented soap - quite jo malone like in scent as well!

 «currently in the record player: the great gatsby soundtrack»

lots of love, 



  1. Oh those Cath Kidston iPad covers! My bunny rabbit chewed a chunk out of my iPad case, I feel a splurge coming on...


  2. Perfect wishlist :) the Marie Antoinette soundtrack on vinyl is a dream !
    I do think that iMacs are totally better than MacBooks, carrying around such an expensive laptop is quite scary for me too considering how very clumsy I am :)


  3. That skirt is just the prettiest, and the ipad cases are so beyond beautiful! x


  4. imac and macbook are top of my wishlist too - such a great system especially for editing !
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography - www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  5. You're right those ipad covers are amazing, almost enough to maje me want an iPad just so i can carry round something pretty.
    Love your new hair

  6. I love Marie Antoinette's soundtrack as well! Pulling Our Weight is my favourite track. Thanks for reminding me about that album.

    I have an iMac that I *ahem* borrowed from my sister, and it's perfect as a substitute TV. Well recommend one.

  7. An imac would be the dream! When I was in Sydney, university students would just carrying macbooks around at night in their arms. When I mentioned it to a colleague they said no one ever gets mugged/robbed in Australia. Cripes!

    Tara xo