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002: twenty thirteen

my iphone (almost!) replaced my dslr as it is just so handy to take everywhere and it has really helped document this whirlwind of a year. whilst i've been absent for just over half a year on this little blog of mine i can't think of a better way to round up the year with a post of all my iphone photographs from 2013. however, having just written that i've only just realised i got my iphone in may so there are a few months missing! but i hope you enjoy my almost a year round up as much as i enjoyed reminiscing on everything that has happened. i really love seeing these posts from people and utter my favourite has been lyzi's from being little, but please feel free to leave your own links to your 2013/round up posts. 

red brick lipstick won high commended for photography in the company blog awards • i passed my driving test • the paris adventures begin with my best friend phoebe • ladurée treats on the champ élysées • over looking paris from galeries lafayette and getting sunburnt • visiting the midnight in paris steps • watching the eiffel tower sparkle at night •  café des deux moulins (the amélie  café!) • staying in phoebe's beautiful apartment for the second time • cups of tea on the balcony • other memories: going to a parisian restaurant and eating nothing but several desserts • walking home at 6am (oops!)  • endless girl talk • fireworks at versailles • finally finishing school!

my 18th birthday in london • walking along south bank after tea at the ritz • looking over my hometown from the hill • getting a new camera • a baby beach holiday • a-levels! • summer skies • lounging about in phoebes garden with the butterflies • the night alex first kiss me • cath kidston at the literature festival • reliving paris through maps • watching a hot air balloon with jem • tea with jem • record players at house parties • leaving lush • other memories: long drives to phoebes • playing bruno mars treasure in the car • wearing my bright white converse • singing in the car • moving to university

tracy emin at the tate • photographing jazmine by the albert prince • finding flowering tea! • cosy pub meals with flatmates • london at dusk • alex's birthday • ralph cuddles! • seal pup at the natural history museum with rhi • my two favourite london girls i'm so sad to leave, rhi and jaymie • winter wonderland • sea life with alex • photographing cloé for my final project • walks with alex on south bank • coming home and making cookies • mulled wine with alex • new shoes and a tartan smock addiction • my own vinyl player for christmas • christmas day! • alex and i celebrating both christmas day and our  four month anniversary • re-launching my blog and posting! • other memories: making the decision to move back home for university and leaving uca • seeing my girl phoebe again and sharing stories • having my lovely mummy egg back • alex buying us arctic monkey tickets! 

lots of love, 


  1. Welcome back sweetie I've missed you blogging xx

  2. Love your blog! Glad to see you back.
    Here is my not 2013 but December round up :)


  3. such a massive and amazing year you lil super star
    ps loving the new blog xx

  4. It sounds like a whirlwind year for you. Nothing better than butteflies in the garden and seeing your friends time and again. J'adore your new blog.

    Sarah Betty xx

  5. lovely blog lily as always, very inspiring :) i remember seeing your work at school !
    would love for you to check out my blog as well :) have a merry christmas
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves - www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  6. I just discovered your blog and it couldn't be better timing. I love it all even though you only have two posts up. Welcome back! I am definitely following you (:
    Mortem Blonde

  7. I love this concept of a collage of a years worth of photos! Seems like you've had a great year! xx


  8. How cute are you and your beau!? You look so good together. :) Your Paris snaps remind me of Summer, I want to go back!

    Tara xo

  9. It is so nice to see you posting again! It looks like you've had such an amazing year, it must be lovely to look back on! best wishes for 2014 :) xx

  10. Looks like you've had a wonderful year Lily! Your Paris snaps make it seem even more magical than I originally thought, and now make me want to go even more! Happy New Year, I hope 2014 is even more amazing! x