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030: new additions to my skincare routine

✿ nude perfect cleansing oil face and eyes: £28 space.nk here 
✿ effaclar duo +: £15.50 boots here
✿ cane + austin acne treatment pads: £48 space.nk here 

recently my skin has been super sensitive and temperamental so i went into space.nk and had a little look around. i'm not too keen on space.nk because i've never really admired their customer service however, this trip was very different! a really lovely lady approached me and asked if i wanted any help, i replied yes and explained my skin situation. i told her about the topical solutions and creams i was prescribed by the doctors and how i think it's left my skin quite erratic. 

nude perfect cleansing oil face and eyes
she immediately recommended nude and their cleansing oil. at first i was skeptical because of that fact its an oil and my skin isn't good with oily products. however, i've been using it for almost a week and it's so delicate. previously i was using the oh so blogger cliché that is liz earle cleanse and polish which i used to get on with so well however, it's just gotten too heavy for my skin and seriously broken me out. anyway, i can't stress how beautiful the cleansing oil is and if you get the chance to try it out then do!

effaclar duo+

is a product that was recommended to me by the lovely alex from cath kidston and ever since i've seen it everywhere. i have to say it's worked really effectively after just a handful of uses and i'm really looking forward to using it more.

cane + austin acne treatment pads
these are another product i was recommended by the lady at space.nk and something else i've found effective as an on the spot treatment. since these pads are so expensive i've been cutting them into quarters to make them last for a long time!



  1. effaclar duo has changed my skin so much (for the better !) combined with better cleansers and moisturisers my skin feels so soft and baby-like :)
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography - www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I need to start using my Cane + Austin pads again - it gives great results! x