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029: a bootea review

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when the gorgeous lucy from fine and bambi posted a picture on her instagram of some bootea i had a little read about it and bought some. however, it's safe to say it was quite the waste of money. i've finished my two week course and i have to say i don't feel any different -if anything i'm eating more because it suppressed my appetite. i thought it would be wrong to think that just simply drinking tea would make you slimmer so i knew i had to make an effort to change my lifestyle. i paired it with healthy low calorie meals and exercised considerably more than normal however, i can't say the tea made me feel particularly detoxed.


  • the tea does claim an awful lot (all of which you can read here!) however, out of the ten claims i think i experienced one. i also asked lucy how she was finding it and she found it was exactly the same. 
  • i'm beginning to think either it doesn't really work or it's something you have to drink for months and months but, i'm not really in the position to be spending £20 on tea! 
  • i read that the actual tea bags were made to stop the tea leaves passing through however, there was still a lot of sediment at the bottom of the cup.


  • unfortunately, there aren't many but i have to say it has made me want to try out different herbal teas. 
  • having had a break on from the tea i do believe that it suppressed my appetite as i feel as though i have been eating a lot these passed couple of days. so i think i'm going to purchase this dr stuarts tea i hope it'll do the same thing. 
overall summary: price: 0/5 packaging: 5/5 was it effective?: no would i buy it again?: no! 



  1. thank you for sharing your experience lily! i was thinking of buying bootea also, but now not so much. i definitely recommend weightwatchers though, if you are interested in losing weight. i've been on it for just over two weeks now and i love it, you can already see the effects overall plus it encourages you to eat more fruit and veg which i think is the best, most effective and healthiest diet out there :)

    1. oh also, if you're wanting to try out healthy tea again there's a photo here of all the benefits of the different teas which i found so helpful! xxx

  2. Thanks for sharing! I drink green tea everyday and it definitely helps my energy levels and speeds up my metabolism. It's so healthy and full of antioxidants, I definitely recommend you try some :) my favourite is the Twinings peach and cherry blossom flavour x

  3. Waaah, what a let down! I guess you're better off drinking green or dandelion root tea!

    Tara xo

  4. great post i've been really interested in whether these teas actually work. I've used pukka detox and peppermint teas to help de-bloat and soothe my tummy and they've been great tasting and helpful :) I think it mainly is more about eating more fruit and especially veg, i did a little post about healthy eating if you want to check it out !
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography - www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  5. I found this really interesting and enjoyed reading it :)
    I think I'll give it a try!
    Hayley x